Inclusive care for girls
with special needs in
all of Zimbabwe

230 girls under our care

68 donations collected


We provide empowerment, support and care to the girl child

We are a foundation that supports and care for the girl child by advocating for laws that are fair to be made, in order to enforce respect and protection for girls.
We work to prevent social ills against girls - eg prostitution, child abuse, rape, early marriage, drug addiction, and all forms of discrimination.

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Some services we provide for our girls

Our services are focused on improving the lives of kids in communities, which is incredibly important in creating a positive social change.


We advocate for social or political change, such as lobbying for policy reforms and working to raise awareness about important issues regarding young girls.

Health benefits

We provide healthcare services, education about disease prevention, and support for girls living with chronic illnesses.


We provide education and training to disadvantaged communities, with the goal of empowering young girls to improve their own lives.

Sustainable livelihoods

We support vulnerable communities such as refugees, disaster victims, or people living in poverty.

Projects we have done

We are all about creating a place
where girls can thrive

Mission smile 1k: Outdoor charity

Charity is an amazing way to make a positive impact on society and bring a smile to someone's face.

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Weekly excursions

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Monthly public awareness

Our monthly public awareness is an exciting and engaging campaign that encourages learning, discovery, and making a positive impact on the world.

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How we spend your
donations and where it goes

We understand that when you make a donation, you want to know exactly where your money is going and we pledge to be transparent.

  • 40% child care home
  • 35% cleanliness program
  • 10% helping people
  • 10% excursions
  • 5% feeding the poor